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Home security during the holiday period

Many break and enter offences occur during the holiday period. Burglars are opportunistic and will be looking for homes that appear unlived in. So it is crucial that you
take precautionary security measures before going on holiday.

If you are planning to leave your home vacant for a period of time during the holidays, ask a trusted friend or neighbour to assist with your home security. Let them know how long you will be away and ask that they collect your mail and bring in your rubbish bins. Parking a car in your driveway is another way in which a friendly neighbour can make your home appear occupied.

Cancel your newspaper deliveries and use timers on lights and radios to give the appearance someone is home. Mow your lawns and tidy your property the day before you leave. Overgrown shrubs and long grass are clear signals that your house is not occupied. Make sure that everything is secured and locked. Methodically lock all windows, doors, gates, sheds and other potential points of entry.

If you take holidays regularly it is worth considering a home security alarm system with back to base monitoring and a response method such as a security patrol. If all your precautionary activities fail and a burglar does break in, an alarm system is your last line of defence. Ask your security firm whether you need to nominate a neighbour or friend as a back-up contact person when you are on holiday.

Holidays are a time to enjoy. Make the most of them with a commonsense approach to your home security.

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