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Our experience in commercial property is second to none. We have over 10 years experience in protecting prestigious commercial property through major property management organisations and many other landmark buildings such as World Tower in Sydney and The Crowne Plaza in the Goldcoast, Qld. These landmark sites reflect our significant expertise and the confidence customers have in us in this market segment. We offer a full range of commercial property security services tailoring all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to each client site and specific requirements, while uniforms reflect the desired corporate image of each client.

Guardcorp Security streamlines delivery of your security needs during the construction period through to ongoing property maintenance. We can provide nightly security patrols to check the construction site and ensure valuable equipment remains intact. We can also install a sophisticated security system which integrates CCTV, alarm systems, back to base alarm monitoring.

Guardcorp Security has provided security services to the health sector for many years and we are very mindful that the diversity of the health facility environment makes the selection and training process uniquely different to those of other market segments. Our security guards provide a balance between a physical presence and empathy for patient and health care staff.

Guardcorp Security maintains campus safety for students, staff and visitors at Universities and schools across the country. Our experienced security guards approach the challenges associated with campus vulnerability, threats, theft and general safety with professionalism and sensitivity. We tailor all the security requirements of each campus and implement a security plan to manage and mitigate the risks. We can assist schools to install access control, CCTV and sophisticated alarm systems to improve tracking of incidents and more effectively restrict entry to the school after hours.

Guardcorp security guards have been instrumental in ensuring some of Australia’s largest corporate and sporting events run smoothly – from rugby matches with the St George Illawarra Dragons large scale corporate functions. Drawing on our depth in guarding resources and strong project management, our highly experienced and customer-focused event officers can protect hundreds of thousands of spectators, visitors, competitors and VIPs, balancing the needs of individuals, groups, event promoters and organisers.

Guardcorp Security provides a complete suite of security services for the Mining, Energy, Resources and Industrial sectors. Our depth of industry-trained security guards coupled with a range of security services supports the seamless security of your premises so that it is protected around the clock – not only ensuring protection from crime, but also ongoing maintenance of your site when you aren’t there.

Guardcorp Security understands the need for Australian retailers to invest in the right security solutions that deters shop theft and enhances the customer’s shopping experience and their loyalty to their brands and stores. Our response is to offer a comprehensive array of discrete security strategies that will detect and minimise losses at all points up to and including retail display. Our security officers are well trained in observation skills, security technology and most importantly, customer service.

Guardcorp Security offers a full range of security services to Federal, State and Local Government. Over many years of providing security solutions to this market segment we have established an understanding of associated complexities and unique requirements, including the awareness of confidentiality and profile that is required when securing some of Australia’s most prestigious government facilities.

Guardcorp Security understands the high level detail and complexity needed to properly install and administer a Defence contract. We can adhere to the unique complexities of strict protocol, confidentiality and regulations surrounding these projects and still deliver a service that is second to none. Defence installations physical security to protect personnel assets, classified documents, weapons storage and to ensure the overall continued operation of the facility. The selection, recruitment, induction, ongoing training of personnel and compliance with SOP’s is therefore paramount in any of our operations.

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