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Retail security and theft prevention

The risk of theft is a daily reality for retail shopping stores. Shoplifters routinely walk out of stores undetected after filling their bags with merchandise. While this threat can never be completely eliminated, it can certainly be reduced with intelligent store design, an integrated security system and attentive staff.

The first line of defence against shoplifters is customer service. Retail staff should greet and engage customers as they enter the store. While genuine shoppers will appreciate the helpful service, it will make potential shoplifters uncomfortable because they are being observed by attentive staff. Good customer service is often enough to make a potential shoplifter hesitate and choose an easier target somewhere else.

Store design also plays a crucial role in overall security and theft prevention. A well designed store will deny shoplifters the opportunity to steal. Products should be kept away from doorways and people should have to pass the register and staff on their way out. Prominent signage detailing the policy on shop lifting should be displayed, as well as notification of the security and monitoring systems in operation.

Security guards are another deterrent worth consideration. Professional security guards can either be uniformed or in plain clothes and are there to prevent theft without impacting the shopping experience of regular customers.

Retailers can further extend their after hours security with CCTV recording devices and alarm systems. Ensure the security solution has back to base monitoring so that in the event of an alarm activation your security firm can execute an agreed response plan.

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