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Security advice for small businesses

Crime has a particularly damaging impact on small businesses. Burglary and property damage has the potential to threaten cash flow and ongoing commercial viability. As the owner of a small business, you need to minimise risk and ensure the required security systems are in place to protect your assets.

The security of your business premises begins with visibility. Exterior lighting should illuminate any dark areas around your building and parking lot. The entry points to your premises should be well lit by permanent lighting fixtures that are difficult to reach or tamper with. Don’t forget to light the inside of your building after dark so that people are able to see inside.

Another important deterrent is the removal of material around the perimeter of your building which could be used to gain access. Opportunistic burglars will use objects like large bins, wooden crates or ladders to climb over fences and access windows.

All external doors and windows should be solid and secure. Develop a lock-up procedure that works for your business and then train your most trusted employees on the process. If you have multiple keys on the premises, ensure they are locked in a central location when the office is unattended.

Access control systems are worth considering because they can restrict access to approved personnel through hi-tech keypad security systems. An access control system can be used to eliminate unauthorised access and also track which employees enter the building and at what times.

Install CCTV cameras as a visible deterrent and means of identifying perpetrators. A strategically positioned camera unit will detect all movement and audio in a given area.

Should your precautionary initiatives fail and a burglar does break in, a security alarm system is your last line of defence. Make sure that you security alarm has back to base monitoring and a response method such as a security patrol.

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